HARD flogging. I’m real crying for pain. I was fucked hard.

She went to the bathroom and tipped two bags of pormhub hair into the bath. She went to the garage bringing in another four. She downed her wine pouring another glass. She stood in front of the mirror undressing. She removed her blouse, her skirt, her bra her c cups falling out she slid down her knickers. She watched as she rubbed her pussy. Mainly her pubic hair.

She stepped in the bath on the mat of hair on the bottom of the bath wriggling her toes in the hair feeling it between her toes. She she looked in the mirror at her naked body picking out hair from the bag. A mix of blonde and dark hair. She could almost recognise the customer from the hair. She rubbed it over her breasts and stomach, down to her pubs. She groaned as pulled out more. For 30 minuted she pulled it out watching herself rub it over her body letting it fall in the bath. Her pussy wet. She sat down in the bath feeling the hair between her arse cheeks. She tipped the hair over herself.