Rogue Coco – French Chinese Girl

I picked up one of the shoes and was instantly turned on at how they smelt. I never got another chance to smell them again that day as they soon came back in to the living room and we ate dinner. Months passed and me and my wife were back at her sister’s to house sit for a few hours.



There wasn’t any shoes around that I could see and as my wife was preoccupied I had a quick look in her sister’s wardrobe. It was shoe heaven, there were shoes everywhere, I had a sniff of a few pairs but it was too risky for me to actually wank with them in the bedroom what with my wife being so close. I was rock hard and my cock was throbbing so I went straight to the bathroom to relive myself. I was amazed to see a pair of the sister’s sandals in the the bathroom so I picked them up and started to smell them whilst wanking.