The Mother/Step Son Experience – Alexis Fawx – Family Therapy

Once the personal and intimate details were out of the way they began to tell me about the fantasies yesporn and RP they used to pick up the slack in their loveplay. Mostly the usual, daddy and his babygirl, cops and speeder etc. But then they went onto tell me their biggest sexual fantasy. It was a bit darker and was about a home invasion where a man broke in and bound him in the spare bedroom, then had his way with his unwilling wife in their marital bed. At this point they had my full undivided attention. I was by this point totally convinced that it was cabo, whom had loosened this fantasy from their vault of  “Never-tells ” and definitely not to a kinkster friend who used to date the lady involved. Whatever the reasoning, I had begun hanging on the words in their fantasy. Even wrote some of the key details down in my address book. So I could be certain to remember them all when I needed to.